We help Clinics to increase revenues with proven
end-to-end consulting.

Bring operational efficiency to your clinic by implementing a Clinic management system.

Increase patient inquiries by 30%, Increase clinic operational efficiency by 25% with our proven model.
Increase your revenue with the help of social media marketing.

We help clinics to digitize clinic management and marketing with 3 steps.

Step 1 Build a digital presence

– Our team of experts will help you create all the social media profiles, Google business page, Chat support system.
– Get a personal SEO-optimized website with five pages.

Step 2 Implement the Clinic management system

– Businesses are taking advantage of the new era of mobile apps in the current digital world.
– Your clinic will be left behind if you don’t have any digital method to manage your operations.
– Our software allows you to manage your appointments and patient records just at your fingertips.

Step 3 Increase your visibility

– The traditional mouth publicity approach to get patients to your clinic is old and takes years to build a reputation.
– Increase your visibility and publicity via digital marketing channels.
– Target the specific customers in your area and boost your sales.


What is a Scrum Master?

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum is an Agile Framework defined in 1995 that provides a better way of solving complex problems. Each individual plays an essential role in any Scrum Team. Today we will discuss what a Scrum Master is. The Scrum team consists of three roles 1) Scrum Master (SM) 2)...

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How to become Scrum Master?

How to become Scrum Master?

The Scrum Master role has gained popularity and demand in the software Industry. This role came into existence with the Introduction of the Agile Framework. Scrum Master implements the Scrum Concepts within the team as defined in the Scrum guide. The Scrum Master is...

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What is the importance of Clinic management system

– Increase your revenues and streamline your patience data management with Exaltare’s Clinic management system.
– Manage your patient appointments, reminders, and records on our simple yet powerful system.
– You get a mobile app and admin system to manage all your clinic work just through your fingertips.

Simplify patient records and improve your revenues

Manage your patient appointments, reminders, and records on our simple yet powerful Clinic management system.
You get a mobile app and admin system to manage all your clinic work just through your fingertips.

Software features

A complete Clinic management system to help you run the clinic smoothly

Post-Covid, the world is going digital and your clinic should be digital too. Reduce the hassle of manual clinic operations with a powerful tool that removes all the manual work. With the hospital management software, you can keep patient records, manage patient appointments, manage the front desk easily.

Simplify appointments

Manage all your appointments through the mobile app and front desk portal.

Secure Records

All patient data is stored in an Encrypted format in a secure manner.

Mobile App

Get all capabilities of clinic management, front desk in a single mobile app.

Frontdesk management

Access all the patient appointments, bills, and prescriptions. 

SMS Alerts

Send SMS alerts, Reminders to patients for appointments, revisits, and promotions.

Simple Billing

Manage patient billing records easily.  Generate PDF files and send soft copy.

Choose a plan that works for you

We have 3 plans to choose from. Each plan is made for the tailored needs of the clinics


If you have any questions feel free to message us any time.

We have helped multiple clinics to increase their revenue multiple folds. We genuinely believe in helping the clinics to maximize their efficiency and outreach. If you have any questions apart from FAQ’s please feel free to connect with us.

What is social media presence?

Social media presence is creating accounts on Google my business, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. This way the people can easily find your clinic. Social media presence gives exposure to your clinic.

How is the clinic management system helpful?

Clinic management systems remove the manual work required for any clinic. You can manage appointments and reminders directly from the system; hence, all the work is quicker.

Which package should I purchase?

We recommend that the silver package is enough for most of the clinics. Gold package is suitable for someone who has already established a clinic for two years. The bronze package is ideal for those looking only for digital marketing.

What is clinic management software?

Clinic management software provides a mobile app and web portal to manage the clinic appointments, keep patient records securely, manage the patient billings.

Dose Social media marketing help to increase customers?

Definitely, in the new era, social media marketing is everything. People are spending more time on mobile phones than they spend on TV. Social media marketing is the key if you want to spread your marketing message.

How much time is required to see the results?

Each process has its own time to generate the results. Digital marketing takes ideally 45 days. Patient inquiries will gradually increase based on the area and our geography.