The Scrum Master role has gained popularity and demand in the software Industry. This role came into existence with the Introduction of the Agile Framework. Scrum Master implements the Scrum Concepts within the team as defined in the Scrum guide. The Scrum Master is not a Project Manager. Both are different roles and have different styles of leadership.

Are you planning to become a Scrum master to land a new job or to take a new role within your team? Are you stuck in your current position and want something challenging? Do you want to move into leadership roles and impact the organization? Then this Training can be a milestone in your journey. This article will help to understand the process of becoming one.

1) Learn the Basics of Scrum:

First and foremost, you need to know the fundamentals of Scrum. Why was the Agile framework introduced? What are the different flavors of Agile when you can use Scrum and when you cannot use it?

To learn the Basics, you can read our article here: 

2) Select the Scrum Master Certifications:

There are two recognized certifications in the market.

  1. CSM (Scrum Alliance).
  2. PSM (

Both certifications hold equal value in the market. And you get added advantage of having the certificate under your belt.

3) Attend a Scrum Master Training Course:

We provide extensive Scrum Master Training so that you can pass the exam and implement Scrum at your company.

With the Training, we prepare you for the examinations. We conduct a mock test so that you feel confident while giving the exam.

You can join our Scrum Training course here.

The Scrum Master Training is for 16 hours with 4 hrs classes. The Agile Training course gives you in-depth knowledge and expertise to pass the certification exams and excel at your job.

4) Rergister for Exam:

You can register for the exam at the certificate provider’s website.

  1. Scrum Alliance
  2. Scrum.Org

The exams are online.

5) Get Certified and start implementing at your work:

After completing the certification, finding a job or applying for a new one is essential. To implement Scrum in your current organization, you should start by coaching the team members with the Scrum Principles. Passing the exam is easy, but implementing the Scrum Framework is challenging.

If you have any questions about Scrum or Want to implement it in your team, contact me on LinkedIn