Food Delivery Software Solution

Our custom food delivery software solution is a complete package to offer an excellent food delivery app development service for food orders or delivery businesses of any volume with an intelligent order management system.

Most Preferred Food Delivery Software

Our online food delivery software adapts to your needs, no matter how niche, how big or small your business is. So you can choose us to avail an excellent food delivery app development service.


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Versatile, Seamless & Easy to Manage
Experience the full line of features in your food delivery app development that is specifically designed for your business needs. Our food ordering app offers features like:

Easy Ordering

Select the dishes to order, set the required quantity, select or set the delivery address and make the payment. It’s that simple

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Easy payment options
  • Rating and reviews

In-app Search Options

Viewing nearby restaurants, menus, and dishes based on current GPS location or providing any other location.

  • Search restaurants or dishes
  • Advanced filter options
  • Delivery and order details

Admin Dashboard

Admins can view and manage customers, restaurants, and delivery executives using the admin dashboard.

  • Easy and fast registration system
  • Promotional emails and SMS
  • Menus and promo code management

Online / Offline Mode

We make everything easy for delivery executives so they can get around easily. A delivery person can connect or disconnect at any time and can also cancel trips if necessary.

Orders Management

We save your time by immediately reporting orders to restaurants. The administrator provides control of the restaurant on availability, preparation time, and accept an order.

Trip Management

We save time by immediately notifying deliveries to nearby locations. A delivery person has control over their availability and therefore accepts or rejects a trip.

Business Segments
Our food delivery app development solution can serve almost any food delivery segment. Here are some business segments benefiting from our software solutions:

Single Restaurant

Our Online food delivery solution is suitable for a single restaurant. The system is easy to implement and use.

Food Delivery Startup

The solution is built on AWS serverless architecutre. It’s a highly scalable and stable solution. It can candle huge traffic and its perfect choice for your startup.

Restaurant agreegators

If you are a restaurant aggregator then this platform is best suited for you. you can add as many vendors as you want.
Built with Cutting Edge Technology
Built on a reliable, high-performance stack with multiple strong integration and options to power the application platform to deliver products.


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Which technology stack have you used to build the online food order management software?
  • The software is in the below technologies:
  • Frontend : HTML, SCSS, Angular
  • Backend: Nodejs, Serverless
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Mobile app: Flutter, Firebase.
  • Hosting: AWS.
How secure is your platform?

The online food delivery software solution is completely secure. All the communications with the server are encrypted. The platform is tested and certified by security professionals.

How much traffic the online food delivery platform can handle?

The solution is highly scalable and fault-tolerant, and built on serverless architecture. The infrastructure can respond to sudden spikes in traffic.

Is the platform customizable?

Yes. The platform is entirely white label and customizable as per your requirement. The customization charges are applicable.

How can I see a demo of working off the software?

To see the software demo, please book a free demo here:

What is the cost of the platform?

The platform cost varies as per the use case. Please connect with us by email at

Do you provide a warranty for the platform?

Yes. We provide a warranty with the platform. We solve the issues solve on a priority basis as per SLA. Please get in touch with our team for further questions.

Please tell us more about Exaltare Technologies.

Exaltare technologies is a bespoke software development company. We have clients worldwide. To know more please visit our LinkedIn Page.

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