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We intend to bridge the professional development team’s demand and supply via a creative and best-in-class recruiting model backed by a dedicated client-centric software development team. Our Staff Augmentation services help update your team and boost the development process. If you are thinking about outsourcing Staff Augmentation services, then hire the expert team of Exaltare Technologies:

  • Top 1% Software Experts
  • Stern Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Nicely Defined Processes
  • Agile & Adaptive Development
  • Transparent Contact
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The Team Extension You Require to Boost Your Projects

The right-sized team must be the priority for any successful project. It often becomes essential to extend the cross-function team with the improvement of the project. Staff Augmentation services of “Exaltare Technologies” boost your project speed and deliver the proficient expertise your team requirements to deliver the project on time. Moreover, we offer IT staff augmentation services and work as a part of your local team attending your legal meetings. 

Our Staff Augmentation services are a reliable and cost-effective way for you to grow the size and productivity of your in-house teams in minimal time. Our trustworthy software team, comprised of the top 1% of the software experts, provides the right IT consulting combined with your current workflow very quickly, helping to make highly skilled, valued, and experienced cross-functional teams in one suitable location.

Preparing For IT Staff Augmentation
Faster time to market and pleasant customer experience with the ongoing advancement of the technological landscape makes an environment for continual growth. Looking forward in time, you need someone to take care of your current digital assets.
Working With the Honorable Partner
You need to examine the company’s industry reputation, previous work record, and experience to start a successful partnership. 
Preferring The Outsourcing Model That Works for You
Try to carry out an internal inspection checking your experience, credentials, and drawbacks for this step. As IT staff augmentation services are entirely customizable, a model will best serve your requirements.
Define Expectations from The Start
Our intents and expectations must be determined differently. In addition to this, many evaluations must be performed via the process to identify progress and make important changes before too many resources have been invested. 
Prioritize Communication
Working with IT Staff Augmentation services demands a clear communication line and creates an influential feedback loop. This is a key element for the success of any project.
Design Infrastructure
You must also prepare the infrastructure setup if you are preparing for a software development project. Moreover, if you have the required IT setup, you may use them or set up an Exaltare Technologies development center from a software development company.
What Happens Next?
Most excellent software outsourcing companies will formulate a maintenance plan according to your conditions upfront to ensure a strategy is in place to phase out your risen staff.

Things to consider while choosing Software Development Partner

It would help if you considered some important pointers before making your decision While looking for a technology partner for IT Staff Augmentation services. Following are some of them: 
Workflow-processesWorkflow processes

  • Fluid and resources transparent and constant communication
  • Data automation and control capabilities deadlines
  • Cooperation policies
Time-zoneTime zone

  • Real-time communication abilities
  • Distributed team management
  • International reach & locations
development-modelsSoftware development models

  • Effective framework
  • Real-world experience in different industries
  • The development team and customer relationship
Security protocolsSecurity protocols

  • Knowledge
  • Standard procedures
  • Application of policies
  • Disaster recovery management
Mastery-of-EnglishMastery of English

  • Transparent and constant communication as well 
  • English speaking and multilingual proficient

Why opt for IT Staff Augmentation Services from Exaltare Technologies?

Exaltare Technologies provides dedicated IT Staff Augmentation services for global clients looking for a talented pool of experts. We can support you hire skilled development teams masterful in the latest technologies to provide creative solutions for your business.
highly-experience40+ Years of Experience

Our remote software development teams are proficient with the perks of Software development.

no-obligationFree No-Obligation Quote

We offer you a no-cost estimate within 24 hours once you share your project ideas.

project-managementHassle-free Project Management

We support you relieved of complicated project management issues as our experienced PM performs on your project.

transparency-integrityIntegrity & Transparency

Your idea is safe as security is our priority and our software developer experts work transparently on your project. 

engagement-modelsFlexible Engagement Models

As per your requirement, hire a software team online monthly, part-time, hourly, or full-time.

transparency-grantedTransparency is Guaranteed

Via Skype, email, and call, we regularly report your complete project status details to keep you fully updated.


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FAQs Related to IT Staff Augmentation

Hiring  IT Staff Augmentation  that easy as it comes with some most commonly asked questions that a client has in his mind. A few questions are mentioned below:

What is the difference between dedicated development and Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is a service developed to add additional talent to your team on an on-demand basis. This allows businesses to instantly locate the right fit for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, expanding project outcomes’ scalability and efficiency.

These days, companies worldwide use IT Staff Augmentation to achieve their destinations speedy and more cost-efficiently. With staff augmentation services, any institution can bypass every speed spot related to sourcing, recruiting, and keeping talented software engineers.

On the other hand, the reliable development team model indicates outsourcing the entire project to a team assembled particularly for your project. It’s better appropriate for long-term projects, and the project manager from the dealer usually controls it.

Why should Hire an IT Staff Augmentation services company?

IT Staff Augmentation delivers many benefits. Some of these benefits are:


Quickly combine outstanding software engineers that improve your team’s capacity and add value to your project.

Easy Hiring

Easily find and hire the specific skill sets needed for each of your projects—no need to bother about talent retention.

Instant Know-how

Smooth out any project road spots and underestimate downtime with the expertise of an extended team.


Expand or reduce the size of your development workforce as needed with on-demand talent.

Why is Exaltare Technologies the best IT Staff Augmentation service?

Here are some benefits you get when selecting Staff Augmentation services of Exaltare Technologies:

Strict Recruitment Process

We take recruiting very seriously, and our hiring strategy is always active to ensure immediate access to the best IT specialists in the market.

Maintain Oversight & Control

Our engineers quickly incorporate themselves into your internal team’s processes, report directly to in-house administration, and participate actively in daily meetings and advancement reports.

 Save Time

Relent with your deadlines and put our round-the-clock recruitment approach to work for your team. Find the right experts for every role in less time.


In our interview process, we strictly test for logical/mathematical reasoning skills, technological mastery, and soft skills. Only those engineers who achieve high scores across each area are offered to our clients. 

Nevville Okala

The skillset we’ve had access to is very comprehensive – beyond experienced mobile developers, we always received feedback from Exaltare about the designs. Exaltare was a true technology partner throughout the journey.

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