Have a great idea and want to develop software for the concept? Then here are a few tips to find the right technology partner for your idea.

The article will be helpful for 

1) Startup owners

2) Idea stage companies

3) Product Idea

The most important rule: Cheap isn’t always the right choice. 

Sometimes cheap developers cost you more money than you can imagine. Selecting the right technology partner can be a make-or-break decision for your startup idea.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before selecting the technology partner:

  1. Have one technology person in your team:
  • Before you hire any technology partner, make sure you have at least one person in your team who understands the technology. The person need not be a developer or architect, but they should understand the technology. The technology spoke person should communicate your idea to the tech team and understand the team’s response. This person’s role is to articulate the product idea to the tech team and handle the business team.

2. Ask for past project references:

  • Get the past project references from the shortlisted technology partners. Ask for the technology stack used, the information about the development cycle, the time required for project completion. Try to use the software if possible.
  • The references will give an idea about the capabilities of the team.

3. Ask for client references:

  • Client references work in some cases. Mostly the companies will give you clients’ contacts with whom they have good connections. No company will connect a lousy client with you. But still, having client references is a good thing.

4. Interview the project team:

  • The interview is the most critical step in the process. Make sure what you are looking for from the team. Is it an IT project that needs a lot of technical skills or more of a collaboration project where the team needs to collaborate with multiple vendors? Based on this decision, the weightage you need to give the team’s tech skills and communication skills. 

5. Ask for the technology architecture:

  • Architecture is an essential part of any project’s success in terms of technology. The architecture should be loosely coupled, scalable, secure, and modern. 
  • Make sure the infrastructures costs are not expensive with the architecture. The programming language plays a vital role in the cost of the project. Make sure you select the right technology stack. Hybrid technologies like Flutter and React can reduce development and maintenance costs.

6. Maintain the right balance in the team

An Idea team for me looks like this. Of course, the team might change as per the project requirement. At Exaltare we provide complete end-to-end project management.

  • 1 Scrum Master/ Manager
  • One tech Lead + developer
  • 2 Senior developers
  • 3 Junior Developers
  • 2 QA.

7. Sign the Non-disclosure agreement

  • Based on the confidentiality of your idea, you must sign NDA with the technology partner. The NDA should include all the necessary clauses. 

8. Decide the costing

There are different types of pricing models.

  1. Fixed price costing

2. Time and Material

3. Performance model

Decide the model that fits your project.

9. Sign the SOW:

Sign the Statement of Work with the technology partner of your choice. 

The SOW should include:

  • All the deliverables
  • time of working
  • Responsible contact persons
  • SLAs.

Start the work with the right expectations.

Set the right expectation from the team. Don’t set unachievable deadlines and deliverables. Make sure you respect the holidays and work time decided.

Things to keep in mind:

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Always keep ownership of:

  1. source code with you. I will write in the following article to manage the source code.
  2. Owners’ rights for the servers with you.
  3. The API and software documentation.

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